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20 Best Sustainable Products For Life After Lockdown

20 Best Sustainable Products For Life After Lockdown

As we emerge from another lockdown it seems awareness of the environmental crisis and the need to live life more sustainably is increasing. By choosing to buy products that are created in ways which are less damaging to the environment you can help reduce the impact you make on the planet. One of the key issues we face is the waste created by mass produced single use items. As well as products produced in ways that are damaging to the environment or even yourself. To help you start reducing your personal environmental impact we have compiled a list of amazing single use alternatives and eco friendly products. Making it easier for you to embark on a more sustainable lifestyle after lockdown. 


1. Reusable insulated water bottle by 8.7 Living

500ml Insulated Bottle | Reusable Water Bottle | 8.7 LIVING - Just Think Eco

Nationwide we use about 7.7billion plastic bottles a year. We are getting better at recycling but of course many of these bottles will end up in landfill or floating in the ocean. One of the simplest ways of reducing the plastic you use is by using a refillable water bottle. These bottles from 8.7 Living are stylish and sustainably. 


2. Reusable glass coffee cup by SoleCup 

Reusable Glass Coffee Cup 340ml (12 Oz) - Just Think Eco

Britain gets through 2.5million disposable coffee cups a year. If you're a coffee lover then a reusable coffee cup is a must have! Not only do they reduce your amount of single use waste. They look good and arguably makes the coffee taste better too! What are you waiting for?

3. Recycled Bamboo Lunch Box

Recycled Bamboo Lunch Box - Just Think Eco

Whether you're back to the office or sending the kids off to the school making a packed lunch is the best way to ensure a healthy and economical meal. This stylish recycled bamboo lunch box is a great way to store your lunches. 

4. Bamboo Picnic Cutlery Set by Wild & Stone 

Bamboo Picnic Cutlery Set - 8 Piece | Wild & Stone - Just Think Eco

Reduce you're single use plastic with this bamboo cutlery set. Perfect if your heading for picnic or for your packed lunch. This sustainable Bamboo Cutlery set is designed for you to use in everyday life and to be worry free. They're free of toxic chemicals and made from a sustainable bamboo source.

5. Handmade Upcycled Hoxton Backpack by Lost in Samsara

Hoxton Backpack | Handmade Backpack Made From Recycled Materials - Just Think Eco

Time to head out and about again? This backpack made from upcycled materials is not only stylish but practical. Handmade using tyres and cement bags it is big enough to carry all your favourites, including books and laptop. Choosing products made from upcycled materials is an easy way to make more environmentally friendly choices. 

 6. All Natural Hemp Laptop Case by Hempnath

Eco-Friendly Hemp Lakshya Laptop Case | Hempnath - Just Think Eco

Be the envy of your office with this simple  but highly functional hemp laptop case. Hemp is an extremely  environmentally friendly material. Its really easy to grow and theres no need to use nasty chemicals. The case has two main compartments. While the main compartment houses your laptop, the smaller compartment is perfect to store your laptop charger, books, and any other accessories!

7. Upcycled Barrel Gym Bag by Wandering Bell

Sustainable upcycled barrel Wandering Bell sports bag - Just Think Eco

Time to hit the gym again? This gym bag is Made from 100% upcycled cotton bell tent canvas, with re-used nylon guy rope zip pulls. Perfect for yogi’s and gym buffs. Buy upcycled products to give new life to unwanted materials and keep as much waste out of landfill as possible. 

8. Vegan Leaf Leather Passport Cover by Jungley

Passport Cover in Leaf Leather - Chestnut Brown - Just Think Eco 

If you're heading back on holiday keep your Passport safe and in good condition with this passport cover made of Leaf Leather which is a vegan and eco-friendly alternative to leather. This is a stylish and eco-friendly way to store passport. Leaves are an incredible organic material which are all unique and feature amazing textures and patterns.

9. Classic Vegan Cork Belt by Watson & Wolfe

Classic Vegan Cork Belt In Black | Watson & Wolfe - Just Think Eco

By making sure the items you wear everyday are made sustainably you can reduce your personal impact on the planet. Handmade in a traditional three-piece construction, the Watson & Wolfe classic cork belt in black is made in exactly the same way as an animal skin belt, but 100% cruelty free and vegan. 

10. Classic Vegan Leather Watch by Votch

Gold & Black With Tan | CLASSIC | Vegan watch by Votch

Animals should not be harmed for the sake of fashion. Votch was founded on the ethos to cause no harm to animals and minimise environmental impact. These stylish vegan watches are perfect for any occasion. 

11. Cork Flip Flops by Cork Trend

Cork Flip Flops | CorkTrend - Just Think Eco

With summer round the corner flip flop season is nearly upon us. On average, 3 billion pairs of flip flops are bought worldwide every year and many of them are made from harmful materials that end up on our beaches and in our waters. Why not try these eco-friendly cork flip flops, made with the environment in mind and offering a sustainable, vegan and biodegradable version to one of the biggest pollutants out there.

12. Biodegradable Bamboo Golf Tees by Green Golf

Biodegradable Bamboo golf Tees, Sustainable golf products - 70mm (2.75 inch) - Just Think Eco

If you're heading back to the golf course these bamboo tees are a must have. Theres no need for plastic tees to be littered around the golf course any longer. When plastic is left lying around it can release micro plastics which causes serious harm to the environment and our health. This biodegradable golf tees are the perfect alternative to plastic tees. 

13. Cork Yoga Mat With Alignment Lines By Cork Yogis

Cork Yoga Mat With Alignment Lines | Cork Yogis - Just Think Eco

If you're an experienced yogi or a newbee this cork yoga mat is a great sustainable alternative to the plastic ones. Cork is versatile sustainable material which due to its natural antibacterial and grippy properties make it perfect to make yoga mats. 

14. Ethical and Earth Friendly Clothing By LoveSoul

Nature Is A Miracle - 100% Organic Cotton Dress | LoveSoul - Just Think Eco

LoveSoul create stylish sustainable clothing which spreads important environmental messages. LoveSoul create clothing that is made from 100% organic cotton and some of the clothing is made from recycled plastic bottles, or eucalyptus and beech tree pulp. By wearing LoveSoul you know what you're wearing is environmentally friendly as well at the same time as promoting positive environmental messages. 

15. Plant Based Dresses by Hide The Label

Rosa Dress In Rust Tulip Print | Eco Friendly Dress Made From 100% Viscose | Hide The Label - Just Think Eco

Hide the label are changing the way we view the fashion industry. Understanding the damage fast fashion can cause they decided to do things differently creating timeless clothing with the environment in mind. Using 100% natural viscose to create beautiful dresses and tops. Or using recycled materials to create clothing with a reduced impact on the environment.  

16. Award Winning Natural Makeup by All Earth Mineral Cosmetics

Pot For Life | Eco Friendly Makeup Refill Pot - Just Think Eco

All Earth Mineral Cosmetics create cruelty free natural  make up thats better for the planet and for your skin! Their pots for life are created from old fishing nets and can be refilled again and again. They have created a fantastic range which has you covered for all occasions. 

17. Vegan Cosmetics by Flawless Beauty 

Hydrating Toner Rose and Lavender | Flawless - Just Think Eco

 Flawless vegan beauty are a small UK business who believe that cruelty-free and vegan beauty should be an industry standard. They create high quality hand crafted cosmetics with respect for the environment. Start a skincare regime thats better for you and the planet.  

18. Natural Deodorant Cream by Simply Effective

Simply Effective - Sea Breeze - Natural Deodorant Cream - Just Think Eco

Using sustainable alternatives for those daily essentials is an easy way to reduce you're impact. Simply Effective Deodorant create all natural deodorants in plastic free recyclable packaging. Sustainable self care thats hand made and vegan. 

19. Reusable Plastic Free Razor by Aphrodite Razors

Reusable elegant plastic free razor | Sophisticated Silver eco friendly Razor - Just Think Eco

Another sustainable swap to help you achieve a zero waste daily routine. For us to tackle the plastic problem we need to use alternatives to those wasteful single use plastic items.These elegant reusable razors are a great alternative producing a smooth shave. What are you waiting for?

20. Bamboo Household Products by Little Green Orca

Eco-Friendly Family Bamboo Pack - Extra Long Toilet Rolls, Strong Absorbent Kitchen Towels, Twin Headed Cotton Buds and Charcoal Soap - Just Think Eco

The Little Green Orca was created to bring you the convenience of everyday household products but in a way that is totally planet friendly. All of their products are made from 100% Bamboo, which is completely biodegradable, recyclable, and sustainable. From toilet roll to cotton buds they have sustainable products for the whole home.

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