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Over 2000 sustainable products from over 170 UK sellers
Over 2000 sustainable products from UK sellers
A conversation with an up and coming sustainable golf wear brand - Just Think Eco

A conversation with an up and coming sustainable golf wear brand

Native Golf Co

A Q&A with the upcoming sustainable clothing brand looking to drive the golfing apparel industry forward.


 Just Think Eco: Who Are you?

Native golf co: am Carl Baker, Founder of Native Golf Co, our goal is to offer golfers a sustainable clothing range which we are aiming to make affordable for most.


How did you start? 

The idea came about through a couple of routes. I personally at work have done a lot regarding sustainability and helping other small and medium sized businesses become more sustainable. There
fore I understand the benefits it can have to both the consumer and the environment. I have also recently been blessed by the birth of my first child and the thought of being able to improve the environment he grows up in is very important to me. This, coupled with regaining my passion for the sport of golf has led me to launch this company.


Has this always been something you have wanted to do?

I have followed a very similar golfing journey to a lot of people, I played a lot as a Junior until work, university and family meant that playing once or twice a year was all I could manage. Lockdown and COVID 19 has led a lot of people like myself to play more golf again and I am completely hooked. When starting to play again I realised I needed to update my wardrobe and I realised that outside some of the major brands there is a lack of sustainable clothing options.


How are they made?

 I am working with some excellent UK suppliers who share our sustainable goals to create a product range which will appeal to consumers whilst improving the impact clothing has on the environment.


 When can we expect to see your vision come to life?

We are currently awaiting our samples and if we can proceed we should have some products ready for an early 2021 launch.


Do you have any plans for future development?

An area I am very keen to develop is with Women’s golf clothing, there is considerable growth in women taking up the sport but one major barrier to entry is the lack of clothing options for the players. I am working with a number of players to hopefully form a clothing range which appeals to the female golfer.


How will you ensure your products are sustainable?

My goal will be for Native Golf Co to have a net positive impact on the environment, I am ensuring that the supply chain discard any unnecessary packaging, especially plastic, and all items will be shipped in environmentally friendly packaging. In addition to this I will be partnering with a charity with the aim of donating an amount of our profits to improving the environment in the UK.


Just Think Eco would like to say a massive thank you to Native Golf Co and wish you all the best for the future and we look forward to having you on the site. 


                  @native_golf_co                                    Native Golf Co




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