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Just Think Ecos Guide to Living Sustainably in 2022

Just Think Ecos Guide to Living Sustainably in 2022

Our awareness of the need to live a more sustainable life is increasing with both businesses and individuals taking steps to be more green. However, it can become overwhelming to keep on top of all the things you need to do to live a more sustainable life. So we thought we would help you out by providing you with a guide to living sustainably. By increasing your knowledge you can be more informed of the small changes you can make to start making a difference. Below you will find ideas to help you start living a more sustainable life today. 

  1. Eat less meat (Or even better go VEGAN)

The debate about reducing meat can sometimes be contentious. But we now know the severe damage the meat industry is having on the planet. Causing both deforestation and massive amounts of emissions. If you can't quite give up meat altogether try to avoid supermarket meat and use your local butchers. The benefits of moving towards a plant-based diet not only benefit the planet but also your health too. Studies have shown that healthy plant-based diets can help reduce common illnesses such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes. As well as having other benefits such as lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol. So it's better for you and the planet why wouldn't you give it a go?

  1. Reduce your plastic usage

Around 300 million tonnes of plastic is produced each year. Vast amounts of this plastic end up in both the sea and landfill. To be able to avoid plastic 100% is a challenge. This doesn’t  mean you cannot reduce the amount you use and avoid pointless single-use products. If you want to start reducing your plastic consumption a good place to start is swapping those daily essential items for plastic-free alternatives. Ditch the plastic razors for a stylish reusable one or sack off those grubby plastic dish sponges for natural compostable alternatives.  Other simple things you can do include using a reusable water bottle or coffee cup. Or try and purchase from companies that are using recycled plastic for their products. If you want more inspiration click here to find hundreds of plastic-free alternatives

  1. Avoid palm oil products 

The farming of palm oil has led to huge amounts of deforestation and a loss of biodiversity. Unfortunately, palm oil can be found in a huge variety of products from anything from shampoo to pizza! By taking the time to check the ingredients and avoiding palm oil products you can send a message to the business using this harmful ingredient. If we all stop buying palm oil products businesses will be forced to clean up their act and use more sustainable ingredients. To make your life easier we have found amazing companies that only use sustainable ingredients. Whether it's cleaning, toiletries or beauty and cosmetics you won't find any palm oil in these amazing products. 

  1. Go for greener bathroom products

Whether it's brushing your teeth or washing your hair we use many different products as part of our daily bathroom routine. For too long our bathrooms have been dominated by products that contain harmful ingredients and are encased in virgin plastic. Luckily there are now amazing alternatives made by companies who care about the impact their products have on the environment. This allows you to make a greener choice and make sure your daily routine is more sustainable. Some ideas include bamboo toothbrushes or shampoo bars that use natural ingredients with zero plastic packaging.  You can also find daily skincare products that never test on animals and only use natural, vegan ingredients or plastic free period products an easy way to reduce the plastic you use. Discover more inspiration for eco friendly bathroom products here. 

  1. Stay clear of fast fashion! 

Fashion production is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions. It uses massive amounts of water, pollutes rivers and ultimately leads to significant amounts of textiles ending up in landfills after hardly being used. There are easy steps you can take to avoid contributing to this harmful industry. Buy second hand, this keeps clothing out of landfill or swap clothes with your friends.
Try using
Bandi an app that allows you to easily swap clothes with others. If you need to buy new then make sure you are buying quality garments from companies with good ethical values. Unfortunately, some of the cheaper options out there cause the most damage so if you can afford to avoid these companies then do. Fortunately, many clothing companies are now using the circular model reducing their impact on the environment so take your time before you buy so you can make an informed sustainable decision.


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