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Over 1700 sustainable products from over 160 UK sellers
Over 1700 sustainable products from UK sellers
Living life more sustainably in 2021 - Just Think Eco

Living life more sustainably in 2021

The leaves are changing. Christmas is around the corner. Not long now and 2020 will finally be over. It's probably safe to say 2020 will be remembered in history. It's probably also safe to say those of us who lived through it will be happy to forget it. 

So much has changed and will probably stay changed forever. Covid 19 has been a truly global crisis. It has caused countries and continents across the world to take drastic action in order to protect their citizens. But of course, unfortunately Covid is not the only global crisis threatening humans across the world. The Environmental Crisis is arguably a much bigger threat not only to human life but to all living things. 

The warnings and predictions scientists have been issuing for decades are now playing out for real. For many 2020 has been hard and people have suffered. However if climate change is allowed to carry on this trajectory 2020 will seem like a walk in the park. 

The sheer scale of climate change makes it hard to think where the hell to start when it comes to making a difference. It is true that the issues that face us are huge. But it is also true that if we all start to make changes in our lives we can help solve this problem. 

Just Think Eco was founded on the idea that we all need to make a change. One of the most simple ways you can start making a more positive impact on the planet is by changing your buying habits. With Christmas on its way it is vital we do not have another year with 3 million extra tonnes of waste. The difference it would make if everyone were to buy eco friendly and sustainable presents this year would be huge. 

This Christmas and in the years ahead Just Think Eco are committed to providing customers with a range of eco friendly, sustainable and ethically sourced products. The companies we have found to work with are all working in new and innovative ways to cause less of a negative impact on the planet. By using these alternative products you too can start making less of a negative impact. 

Just Think Eco and many of the companies we work with are also supporting a wide range of charities dedicated to improving the planet in which we live. From planting trees to cleaning the ocean. 

Check a selection of these eco friendly alternatives that Just Think Eco can offer you today:


Simply Effective - Simply Effective make all natural deodorants . No longer do you need to spray a concoction of chemicals on your skin every day. These deodorants are made using only natural ingredients with completely plastic free packaging. These deodorants are also long lasting and a jar can last up to 3 months. This will reduce your waste if you compare to traditional deodorants. 





Labo Mono - Labo Mono gives your old plastic bottles an amazing new home. Labo Mono makes stylish waterproof jackets using 30 used plastic bottles. As well as putting old plastic to a good new use Labo Mono also ensures its workers have a fair and ethical work environment. 



ElmKind - ElmKind change the way you clean your house. Say goodbye to a cupboard full of single use plastic bottles full of nasty chemicals. Elmkind make a wide range of cleaning products for use all over the home. Elmkind only use natural ingredients minimising the harm to the environment in production and use. Elmkind also uses stainless steel bottles which are designed to be reused and refilled, cutting down your household waste.




Votch - Votch make stylish vegan watches. Votch Strive to make products that do not inflict any harm on animals or cause damage to the environment. By using vegan leather there are a number of environmental benefits including lower emissions, no harmful chemicals and ofcourse animal friendly. A perfect gift proving style can be sustainable. 






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