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Over 1700 sustainable products from over 160 UK sellers
Over 1700 sustainable products from UK sellers
Introducing Friggin well - How Mindful Shower will shape your self-care and water-saving habits?

Introducing Friggin well - How Mindful Shower will shape your self-care and water-saving habits?

The Environmental Agency states that the UK could see a water shortage by 2050 if conservation actions are not taken. In 2020 we had the driest soil since 1961. I know, shocking, taking into consideration how much it is raining here.

Don’t get me wrong, as an eco-activist myself, I know this can’t be all solved on an individual level and there need to be some systemic changes done, however, if we can help we should! 

Showering is probably the most water-wasting activity we all undertake every day of our lives. That is why I really wanted to create a product that takes that into account. Approximately, 2 gallons of water (7.5 litres) are used every minute you have your shower on. Up to 302 litres can be wasted if you are taking a bath! 

Let’s be honest, we have the vision of self-care as a long bath with bubbles, candles and wine. Media totally skewed our perception of self-love and dictated to us the activities that we associate with that. Most of the time those associations are aligning with wasteful, environmental-harmful products. 


Creating FrigginWell I wanted to ensure people take this into account and can have an equally amazing self-care experience in a 4 minutes shower like in an hour of lying in a bathtub. You can feel taken care of, relaxed and fulfilled while taking shower. 


FrigginWell Mindfulness Shower Sets were created with busy people in mind. We often are looking for a way to relax, ease the anxiety, reduce tension in our lives but every self-care activity seems time-consuming. My products are not adding anything to your daily schedule, they guide you to transform the activity you are already doing into a meaningful ritual. Morning Mindfulness Set is designed to help you wake up, bring your energy up and elevate your mood so you can be at your best and follow through with your work. The Evening Mindfulness Set is designed to separate your work self from your home self. The designed technique helps you relax, reduce stress and tension and ensure good night sleep. 

How is the bath experience translated to our Mindful Showers?

 The first thing I looked at was bath bombs- they   have an amazing fuzzy feeling and amazing scents   that we are all mesmerised by. Mindfulness Set   has  2 aromatherapy shower steamers that   replace bath bombs! They are made with

 citric acid, soda and mostly UK-made essential   oils. The water steam will slowly dissolve the cube   which will let the essential oils out so you can breathe them in. In the Morning Set, they have an energising effect while the Evening Set has relaxing properties.

Another important aspect was to have all the products you need in one box. That is why inside you will find an exfoliating loofah, soap bar and a hamstie (soap pouch that acts like a sponge). I have tested 9 different soaps to find the one that is perfect for our hamsties. It needed to be creamy and soft for our skin but hard enough not to dissolve into an ugly mash. Friggin Soap is handmade locally in Croydon with as few ingredients as possible using green energy. I mentioned hamsties before which makes you wonder where the name came from. Easy- they look like a hamster with cheeks full of nuts when you place the soap inside. Hamsties are also handmade from a vegan yarn that is dyed with aquatic-life friendly dyes so it is safe to use in the shower and you can compost it afterwards (it is fully biodegradable)

Last but not least, the mindfulness technique you will find inside each box is designed to fit within 4-minutes showers, it is easy to follow, it uses all the products inside so you get the full Friggin experience. 

FrigginWell Mindfulness Shower Sets, as well as separate products, can be found on the Just Think Eco marketplace. Join us in a habit-changing mindfulness journey and become one of my Friggs.

Klaudia Adrych- founder of FrigginWell



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