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Over 1700 sustainable products from over 160 UK sellers
Over 1700 sustainable products from UK sellers
Introducing Panda London - Pandas saving the planet journey.

Introducing Panda London - Pandas saving the planet journey.

Just Think Eco are very proud to share with you Panda Londons new circle of life initiative. Panda London have always been a pioneer in sustainable products, from sourcing their bamboo, to plastic free packaging and ethical factories they have always put ethics and sustainability at the fore front of what they do, and now they have introduced their circle of life initiative, with home pickup, re purposing and re homing used and unwanted memory foam. 

Read about their journey and new initiative below.


Growing and harvesting bamboo 

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Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and it uses a third of the water cotton requires. So it’s highly sustainable and great for the environment.


  • Organic Bamboo - our bamboo is grown organically, completely pesticide and chemical-free. Our FSC approved forests remain healthy and happy, as do the protected communities and wildlife who live nearby.
  • Protected workers  workers’ rights and safety are a priority in Forest Stewardship Council forests. FSC accreditation means you can be sure that the social and economic welfare of our bamboo farmers is monitored to ensure high standards are maintained.



Manufacturing - social and safety standards

We only work with ethically-run factories that adhere to the highest social standards.


  • Ethical factories – our factories have a zero-tolerance approach to human rights abuses, such as child and forced labour. And they can prove that all of their own supply chains and investments are ethical.
  • Responsible sourcing – all our suppliers meet the exacting ethical standards of SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit). This ensures that all workers have safe working conditions, fair and predictable wages and opportunities to raise concerns with employers.



Manufacturing – environmental standards

We make environmentally friendly choices, recycling resources when we can and finding alternatives to harmful chemicals. 


  • No carbon-disulphide (CS2) is used to make our bamboo pulp. Instead, we mix in an organic, water-based liquid that is then recycled
  • Saving water – we’ve adopted a ‘closed loop’ system, recycling the liquid that is used to soak bamboo pulp. The water is filtered out and re-used in local agricultural irrigation. Our dying process uses the same system, saving more water.
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly, Aviterase dyes - these comply with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Group’s manufacturing restricted substances list. Our bedding dyes reduce water and energy consumption by up to 50%, salt consumption by 20% and overall cycle time by 25%.



Protecting wildlife 

We care about the wildlife in the areas where we work and ensure that our manufacturing processes do not cause harm to any species or their habitats.


- Vegan friendly - no animals are used or harmed in the making of any of our products

  • Bird friendly – we don’t use down feathers in our duvets. We created an animal-free bamboo microfibre filling instead, that is just as luxurious (more so, actually!)
  • Protect animal habitats – all of our bamboo comes from FSC approved forests, which means wildlife habitats are protected and monitored
  • Keep habitats chemical-free – our closed-loop filtration and recycling processes and eco-friendly dye choices mean that no harmful chemicals are released into the natural water system so habitats near factories remain undamaged and safe for wildlife and local communities

Avoiding plastic 

We avoid using single-use plastic in all of our packaging and seek out alternatives to plastic throughout our manufacturing chain.


  • Re-usable bamboo bags – all of our bedding comes in these lovely soft and strong bags
  • We use LDPE (low-density polyethylene) plastic for hygiene purposes when required. LDPE is easier on the environment than other plastics as it can be recycled 
  • 100% bamboo buttons instead of plastic, making our bedding ranges not only plastic-free, but 100% biodegradable


Pro-planet packaging

We do everything we can to minimise our packaging and its impact on the environment


     - Recycled and recyclable

All of our packaging is made from recycled paper and is easily recyclable. We ask that our customers dispose of it responsibly

  • Biodegradable and compostable – we use 100% biodegradable Kraft paper for our packaging boxes. It decomposes naturally over time into cellulose fibres, which eventually assimilate back into the ground, leaving no toxicity in soil
  • Acid-free tissue paper – our packaging tissue paper is biodegradable and non-toxic, protecting your Panda purchases and the planet 





Small carbon paw-print 

We go the extra mile to ensure that every delivery is a low-emission delivery.


  • No plane policy – we import all of our products by sea, keeping our carbon emissions at one tenth of what they would be by air
  • Carbon neutral couriers complete 95% of deliveries in the UK and mainland Europe. Our courier companies use renewable energy in their sorting hubs, use electric transport fleets in large cities and are moving towards 100% electric fleets
  • Predict/pickup system - our couriers stay in touch with customers to ensure they are at home when they deliver. This cuts down on multiple trips and wasted energy


Circle of Life recycling programmepanda london at just think eco

Panda products have many lives…


We make products to last, so they have a long and happy life. But what about when you’ve finished with them? Although most of our products are 100% recyclable, memory foam can be harder to dispose of responsibly. That is why we set up the Panda Circle of Life programme:


  • Free collection from your home 
  • Responsible repurposing of memory foam for use in sofa filling, toys, cushions, mats and playground matting
  • Industrial cleaning and re-use – if your Panda product has more life to give we clean it up and donate it to charity 



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