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Is this possibly the most innovative creation of the 21st century? - Just Think Eco

Is this possibly the most innovative creation of the 21st century?

How did Graphenstone come to be?

Graphenstone is the brainchild of a chemical engineer who dedicated himself to the idea of developing a natural, ecological and health conscious coating for the 21st century. 

Antonio Leon (Chief Technical Officer) began his new enterprise in 2009 and has committed himself tirelessly to the development of the most innovative and ground breaking line of natural paints from lime and other natural minerals from the highest quality local sources, using a 100% natural and environmentally friendly production cycle. 

After generating new ecological, natural and sustainable coatings, Antonio took the process a step further by using the innovative measure of adding graphene to the formula. The objective behind the utilisation of graphene was to enhance the products properties by improving resistance, flexibility and strength while maintaining its natural qualities. 

The very first range of paints and coatings with graphene technology, Graphenstone, was created in November 2013. Since the production of our initial range of paints and coatings, we have continued to work diligently creating ever more healthy and sustainable coatings for all manner of buildings.

Graphenstone’s core values

Graphenstone’s commitment to the environment dictates the use of natural, ecological materials.  Our core values are ecology, nature, sustainability and respect for the environment. Our factory is powered by 100% renewable energy and We use non-polluting raw materials and recycled waste water, trying not only to strictly comply with the laws and regulations on pollution and environment, but also trying to go one step beyond. That is why almost all of our products carry either gold or silver Cradle to Cradle certifications, widely recognised as setting the highest standards for sustainability. It is in our DNA to be an innovator and creator of ecological and respectful products for people and the environment.  Our paints absorb CO2 whilst curing, actively cleaning the air we breathe, and have no toxic off gassing from VOCs. Our paint containers are made from 100% recycled plastic, are 100% recyclable and our packaging are all made from recycled materials.

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a remarkable material that was first discovered in 2004 at the university of Manchester and won the nobel prize for physics in 2010. The physical properties are quite remarkable, space age almost. 200x stronger than structural steel, 1000x more conductive than copper and 20% flexibility without cracking. If you coated a spider’s web with Graphene, albeit a very large spiders web, it would catch a falling plane. At Graphenstone we have weaved graphene fibres throughout the molecular structure of the natural minerals to give these once brittle materials a structural support mesh, holding it all together. The structural support from Graphene means the paint feels much closer to a normal paint to apply, has a high level of durability and excellent opacity, all of which are certainly not usual with lime and mineral paints of the past. 

What makes Graphenstone different from ‘normal’ paints? 

The Graphenstone paint range is completely unique. We hold all of the sustainability and health credentials for natural paints, but with the strength and durability of Graphene to rival the modern acrylics. 100% natural and sustainable, Free of VOCs, MITs, petrochemicals and other toxicity, No off-gassing, Absorbs CO2, Naturally fire retardant, Naturally resistant to mould, algae and bacteria, Durable and washable finishes with flexibility to prevent cracking and vastly superior coverage and opacity. Our paints have been developed to fit all of the modern day requirements but in the most natural and sustainable way whilst also having a positive impact on indoor air quality, which in-turn improves overall health and wellbeing

Where can I use Graphenstone paints?

We are in the fortunate position that our paints can be used in a variety of different areas from heritage to modern, and commercial to retail. Whilst most of our paints are designed to go onto mineral surfaces such as lime, plaster, render, gypsum, etc…inside or out, we can also offer systems for surfaces such as wood, Metal and plastics, through the use of a suitable primer.  

What colours are available?

We offer our standard range of 96 house colours which are available to view on the Graphenstone colourcard.  In addition to this there are over 1000 colours available from the NCS colour range.

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