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Starbucks plan to phase out single-use cups for good.

Starbucks plan to phase out single-use cups for good.

Starbucks announced last week that they are planning to phase out their iconic single-use cups by 2025 in a push to go green and keep up with the cultural movement to reusability by eliminating their single-use paper and plastic cups.

Michael Kobori, the chief sustainability officer for the American born chain Starbucks has said it is considering several programmes whilst “shifting away from single-use plastics” as part of a transition to become a “resource positive company”. This transition will also include ambitious targets to “cut their carbon, water and waste footprints in half by 2030”

Locations around the world including Japan, Singapore and London will be testing the “borrow a cup” service, where customers will provide a $1 deposit which is returned when the cup is bought back on your next visit. The cups will then be professionally cleaned and used again.

Starbuck’s recent initiatives show they are committed to offering a sustainable future. The company is conducting pilots in South Korea where participating stores have eliminated single-use cups altogether by switching overall operations to reusable ones.

They are also currently testing “cup washing stations” for customers to wash their personal reusable cups in-store on Arizona State University's campus cafes and some stores in Hawaii.

Starbucks are hoping this will eventually lead them into eliminating entire categories of plastics from their business model completely.

If these plans are followed through it will be a massive step in the right direction for corporations around the world. It time for these companies to step up and do their part in the fight against single-use plastic and climate change.
We are hoping this isn't a PR tactic by Starbucks in an attempt to greenwash and to make a bit more money from its customers.

We are also hoping that Starbucks includes fair trade and fair pay into their future plans.

Only time will tell if Starbucks is stepping up, either way, we will be watching closely.

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