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Over 2000 sustainable products from over 170 UK sellers
Over 2000 sustainable products from UK sellers
biodegradable sponges

Swap to an eco friendly sponge | Just Think Eco

Are you tired of using sponges that are bad for the environment? If you're like me, you probably go through a lot of sponges each month. I don't know about your household situation, but we use one for dishes and the other for counters and sinks. That's at least two sponges per week that are being thrown out in our house! The worst part is that they take years to decompose when they are tossed into landfills. What if there was an eco-friendly alternative? One way to reduce waste is by switching over to natural sponge alternatives that can be used over and over again with just water or soap, no chemicals required! Read on to find out how these reusable sponges have helped families save money while reducing waste in their homes. 

biodegradable sponges

I know that you are probably not thinking about  it now, but when the time comes to do your dishes, will you be using a sponge?
If so, why not switch to an eco-friendly sponge. These sponges are made from biodegradable materials and can break down in water or soil within 6 months. Most importantly these sponges won't release toxins into the environment like regular sponges because they don't contain any harmful chemicals.
They also have antimicrobial properties which means bacteria won't grow on them after repeated use either! It's time to make a change for the environment today by switching over to eco-friendly sponges instead of continuing with your old habits.

A lot of people don't realise that the sponge is one of the dirtiest things in your kitchen. Switching to an eco-friendly sponge can be a great way to help reduce pollution and save money on your cleaning supplies. Plus, they're easy to clean too. Simply throw them in the washing machine with your regular load and use the same sponge over and over again.

The earth is in trouble and we need to do our part. We’re here to help. Just Think Eco is a company dedicated to making your life easier by providing eco-friendly products all in one place. Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, and we believe this starts with our kitchen sponge.
Plastic happens to be one of the main culprits, so it’s time for a change. If you haven’t already switched your sponge over to an eco-friendly alternative like bamboo, cellulose or loofah now is the perfect time! Not only will this help eliminate plastic from landfills but it also helps keep them out of our oceans where they can kill marine life by blocking their airways and suffocating them. Plus, these products last much longer than traditional sponges which means less waste all around!
You can feel good about reducing landfill waste while also saving money on paper towels or other disposable cleaning tools. Plus, these sponges are super absorbent so they clean up messes quickly and easily without leaving any residue behind! They're even dishwasher safe so you don't have to worry about hand washing them after every use! And best of all, they last just as long as traditional sponges - no more buying new ones every week! So what are you waiting for? Swap out your old sponge today with one that will leave both your wallet and the environment better off in the end. It's time for a change...and Just Think Eco has everything you need right now at an affordable price point!

Check out some of the reviews below and order yours today on our website before supplies run out!

How have you made small changes that are helping save the planet?
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