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Turning Black Friday Green | Just Think Eco

Turning Black Friday Green | Just Think Eco

Black Friday is coming up and with Black Friday comes Black Friday deals.

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year when shops offer huge discounts to get people into their stores or online to buy goods.

But what if shoppers bought eco-friendly gifts instead, turned black Friday into green Friday and didn't spend money on things they don't need?

With many people opting to buy things they don't really need and adding to the plastic problem in search of a "Great Deal" it turns out that Black Friday isn't actually that great a deal for the planet.

However, if Black Friday shoppers bought from local, independent, sustainable retailers instead of from multinational polluters they would make a real difference on Black Friday and turn Black Friday "Green”. It would also mean Black Friday shoppers would help shift their local economy away from being driven by multinational companies offering cheap throw-away items made using unsustainable processes. They will have invested in a business that is a positive force in their community and around the world.

Plastic pollution is a huge problem globally and mass production of cheap throw-away items is one of the main causes.

Are you planning on doing some Black Friday shopping? While Black Friday is largely an American celebration, it's become increasingly popular in other countries as well. The increased popularity of Black Fridays has sparked concern about its environmental impact.

People who participate in Black Friday shopping can make a difference by doing so sustainably. If we all buy sustainable, eco-friendly items, fewer unsustainable items will need to be made. Black Friday items should also be bought at stores that wrap merchandise in minimal, recyclable packaging to cut down on waste. Black Friday shoppers should also wait until the last day of Black Friday sales before making any purchases that are not sustainable or eco-friendly, the discounts on environmentally sound products should then be more substantial. Shoppers can also help shrink their environmental impact by bringing their own reusable bags to carry their goods home with if purchasing from local retailers.

So it’s time to make a change and turn black friday green, this year all you need to do to be more sustainable is; buy eco friendly, vegan, plastic free items. And if you don’t need it don’t buy it. Your choices make a difference, be the change and let’s turn Black Friday green together
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