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Cop26 what did we learn at Just Think Eco

What did we learn at COP26?

The recent COP26 summit was a major international meeting of world leaders to discuss how the global community can reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. These discussions included how to reduce emissions, what to do about loss and damage, adaptation pathways for vulnerable countries, finance, technology development and transfer.

The conference, which took place from October 31st- November 12th in Glasgow, Scotland, had more than 30,000 participants from 196 countries that gathered for two weeks to promote clean energy production and improve sustainability around the globe. As a result of this summit we learned a lot about what needs to be done in order for us as humans to stop harming our planet's environment and the seriousness of the problem and lack of action from governments. 

In addition, they discussed ways countries can contribute to a fairer deal for developing nations.

The west has actively polluted the planet whilst abusing resources and it is unfair for them to hinder developing nations by tying them to the same financial commitments and targets as themselves.

The climate crisis is a problem of global proportions, and the rich world needs to step up its game if it wants this year's summit to be successful. Now that $100 billion per year isn't being promised as originally planned (to meet UN targets), there are fears negotiations will fall apart at their seams with no progress made on anything besides small steps forward like last minute agreements regarding finance or technology transfer policies between developing countries which directly benefit industrialise nations while they continue polluting - often times without any consequences whatsoever!

The agreement calls for stronger targets as we head towards a dangerous 2C of warming this century according to analysts; six major car makers commit to phase out fossil fuel vehicles in less than 20 years!

The six major automakers will make a commitment to phase out the production of fossil fuel vehicles around the world by 2040 at climate talks in Glasgow. Volvo, Ford, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover and China's BYD company are set to sign the pledge.

So what did we learn about COP 26? We learned that there is a lot of work to be done and many future challenges ahead. The solutions will come from all sectors, with the private sector playing an important role in providing finance for adaptation projects.

The key takeaways from this years summit were;

China and India have postponed their deadline for achieving net zero emissions.

China is now aiming for 2050 and India are aiming for 2070 whilst Europe is now also aiming for 2050.

Over 100 countries have committed to reducing methane emissions by 30% and deforestation before 2030.

25 countries have agreed to end funding for new fossil fuel projects by 2022, although China and India have put forward to replace 'eliminate' with 'progressive reduction'.

While these actions may not seem like much there are still steps we can take as individuals and as countries towards making our world more sustainable and liveable now and into the future.

"The lack of real climate action is clear in the low targets being set by many countries, but what's even more disappointing are leaders who claim they have a 'net-zero' target when there are no plans on how or where it will happen," said Bill Hare. He continued saying that without concrete steps taken towards renewable energy sources over time these empty words end up meaning nothing at all

"It’s really easy for people running authorities to make lofty claims about wanting clean air and sustainable resources—in fact, I've seen this kind of proclamation come out right after most meetings with Environment Ministers!”

The most important thing we learned is that by changing our lifestyles and making sustainable choices not only do we have the power to create positive change but also save lives.

What are you thoughts on this years summit?

We’d love to hear your opinions, leave a comment below.
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