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About | Think Eco

How we got started, our ethics, goals and motivation. 


The idea for Just Think Eco was first thought up when it started to become clear to us just how damaging most of the daily essentials we used were for the environment. My brother and I started thinking about solutions to this problem.

We started to think of ways we could improve our habits in such a way that our purchasing choices were not causing harm to the environment. It soon became clear that it was not that easy to find a good range of eco friendly alternatives. Sustainable products were hard to find and sometimes companies were being misleading with just how environmentally friendly their products were. It was then that we realised we needed a new way.

It was from this realisation that Just Think Eco was created. We decided we wanted to make it easier for people to access a wide range of environmentally friendly alternatives. 

Our Vision 

Just Think Eco is committed to changing the dynamics of ethical consuming. Making it easier, faster and more accessible for everyone.

Our Products 

When you shop on Just Think Eco you can rest assured that all the products sold are sustainable, ethical, upcycled, recycled, organic or free from chemicals.

Please join us as we continue to grow, and pave the way for sustainable shopping and ethical consuming.

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