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About | Think Eco

How we got started, our ethics, goals and motivation. 

Who we are

Just Think Eco is an ethical marketplace offering a range of sustainable products that are better for the planet. From clothes, too baby grows, accessories and the essentials, even our range of food and drink is made with the planet in mind.


Our Story 

Just think eco was first thought up by the founder Thomas when he became increasingly aware of the state of the planet and his impact on it . He started searching for a less damaging and a more sustainable way of living but became increasingly frustrated at the fact it was incredibly easy for companies to lie about their sustainability efforts and the stores he could find all had the same few things in. 

He reached out to his younger brother and co-founder George who was much further along the sustainable living path to ask where he purchased his everyday items, food, drink, and even his clothes and homeware, to find out he just spent a lot of time looking through the internet whilst trying to avoid the larger companies greenwashing. 


Thomas and George then set out with a mission, create an ethical community to combat the internets algorithms and peoples purchasing habits. They started researching and reaching out to sellers and companies of all sizes who’s ethics and efforts aligned with theirs.

Thomas and George went to building but It wasn’t too long into the process when they were quickly overwhelmed with the positive response they received and started looking for help, this came in the form of life long friend off Toms, Joe. 

Joe, like Tom and so many others had not long realised the true extent of the planets problems and wanted to roll up his sleeves and help in anyway he could so they welcomed him aboard and Joe got to work researching companies and reaching out too sellers. 


Our Vision 

Our vision as a community is to change the dynamics of ethical consuming and sustainable living. Making it easier, faster and more accessible for everyone.


Our Products 

We aim to offer you as many sustainable, ethical, up-cycled, recycled, plastic free, organic, vegan, vegetarian, chemical free and fair-trade products we can without compromising on ethics or quality. You can keep an eye out for our badges. 


Our Ethics

Just Think Eco is ran with ethics at the forefront of what we do. We believe for a society to achieve its full potential and for everyone and everything to flourish along with nature, companies and businesses must adopt stronger and more honest and honourable ethics. 

We will aim to be as transparent as possible, whilst continuously ensuring all sellers that are part of our community are also honest about their products and operations.