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Sellers Terms & Conditions


Physical sellers 

As a seller you agree to dispatch all items per your shipping and handling policies. You also agree to uphold your returns and refund policies. 

If for any reason there is a continued breaking of your own policies and items are not dispatched within a reasonable time your listing will be removed and any funds Think Eco holds on your behalf will be held for 60 days until any and all pending refunds have been issued. 

It is the responsibility of the seller to manage stock through their portal if their store is not connected. If good levels of communication are not upheld having a negative impact on the customers experience we reserve the right to remove you from the site.

Instructors, courses and classes 

As an instructor you are responsible for starting your classes on time, any equipment needed to be specified beforehand in the course or class description.
If you need to cancel a class for any reason you must do so before 24 hours of the start time. If you continually cancel classes Just Think Eco has the right to remove you from its site. 


As an Ebook seller you must send all files to Just Think Eco upon sign up.

Returns & Refunds 

Once a customer's return or refund request has been approved, Think Eco will send the returns form to the customer along with any instructions. Upon receipt of the item, the seller must contact Think Eco to confirm the product is refundable. Once this has been done Think Eco will issue the refund. 

For any disputes over refunds Think Eco will not be held accountable. Think Eco will do all it can to try and resolve any issue but ultimately the dispute is between the seller and customer.  

Costs and fees 

To join Just Think Eco as a physical product seller there is a fixed commission per item sold and a 25p transaction fee. This commission varies depending on a multitude of factors. The current commission range is 15-30%. Ebooks and digital products are charged at 30% commission per sale and a fixed fee of 30p is applied for transfer of data. Instructor costs are charged at 30% per class. 


Think Eco will disburse your funds on the last Friday of every month free of charge. Extra bank disbursements can be requested and issued at £0.40p per transfer. Paypal transfers are free up to four times a month and are charged at £0.40p per transfer after this. 


Think Eco entrusts all information provided by yourself via our form and emails and on your website is true. If you are found out to not be doing what you claim or your products sustainability has been falsified Think Eco will remove you from our site and you will be liable for any actions consumers look to take.

As an Instructor you must provide all or any certificates you have upon sign up. If you are found to be falsifying your certificates Just Think Eco will immediately remove you from the site and any legal action customers look to take will be made against you.

Media and Marketing

Think Eco has the right to use any images on your social media accounts or website for marketing purposes. To best promote each seller we need to market in different ways. Having access to multiple product images and product lifestyle pictures helps us achieve this.